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Shampoo Yeguada la Reserva + Collagen

Shampoo Yeguada la Reserva + Collagen

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What is Yeguada la Reserva Shampoo for Hair Growth?Yeguada la Reserva is a unique Shampoo made with a Natural formula and ingredients designed to help Strengthen, Nourish and Prevent premature hair loss. Thanks to the unique formula of Yeguada la Reserva you can enjoy longer, thicker and stronger hair - more resistant and with volume and above all healthier. Yeguada la Reserva is the only shampoo with Nacarado - a unique ingredient that helps restore shine and vitality to dark hair. Each bottle contains 1 L which makes this the perfect shampoo for the whole family! Everyone can use Yeguada la Reserva, including Men, Women, people with painted hair and of all ages.

Collagen Yeguada La Reserva | Net Content: 250gr It is formulated with thermal protection, when brushing giving conditioning, fixation and resistance to humidity for the hair. When we apply collagen to the hair, it is nourished by proteins, reaching the nutrients to the hair follicle, strengthening it and improving its appearance. Contains Collagen, Vitamin E and Keratin


- Restores damaged hair
- Avoids dryness caused by the sun or the dryer
- Helps detangle hair
- Serves as a heat protector
- Rich aroma and texture
- Maximum softness.

- Daily application, it is applied as a styling cream after bathing, with damp hair. Apply to ALL hair, COMPLETELY AVOIDING the scalp. DO NOT rinse.

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