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Pineapple Tea

Pineapple Tea

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What is Pineapple Pina Tea? Pinalim Pina Tea is the Strongest and Newest Reinforced Tea from GN+Vida, a company that is super recognized for its Artichoke products in Ampoules that now brings you the Newest Pineapple-Based Line.

Piñalim Tea is the Strongest and Safest Pineapple Tea on the market thanks to its unique combination, combining Pineapple with Linseed, Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea and Exclusively in the USA Presentation It is more reinforced with Sen Leaf for More Results Fast, Surprising and without Any Secondary Effect.

How is Pineapple Tea Used?

Instructions for Use: Adults (from 18 years). Place a tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Sugar substitutes may be added to sweeten (low calorie only). Take it preferably at night (Does not contain caffeine).

What Can Piñalim Pineapple Tea Help? Pinalim's Ingredients Are Renowned For Their Ability To Help Your Body Lose Weight, Feel Satisfied And Support Your Digestive System And Metabolism.

How do the ingredients of Te Pinalim help you? Some benefits of the Exclusive Ingredients of the Pinalim formula are:

Pineapple - Recognized as a Satisfying Food that Supports Your Metabolism and can Help You Lose Weight (so you might like to use Tea Instead of Dinner).

Pineapple is a laxative - supporting the proper functioning of your Digestive System and helping you to stay regular.

It can help Lower Cholesterol.

It can help control blood pressure.

It is a diuretic food

Flaxseed - It is famous for its help to lose weight. It can help regulate the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

Contains Essential Fats Known as Omega-3

Slim down, Detoxify and Protect your body.

Green, Red and White Tea - Three powerful and used supports to Metabolism.
They help regulate the digestive system.

High in Anti-Oxidants, very important to help your body burn and remove excess fat.

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