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Lady grass

Lady grass

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Auxiliary in weight control treatments. With paya and garcinia 1 capsule a day. 100% natural

Accelerates metabolism, controls appetite, provides sustained energy, improves mood, promotes the elimination of toxins and preserves muscle mass for effective and healthy weight loss.


African mango, Cocolmeca, Dandelion, L-carnitine, Jamaica, Tryptophan


Bottle with 30 capsules of 500mg each.

How to use

Take 2 capsules every morning with plenty of water

Lady-Grass Capsules

Extreme Burner

It acts on the hormone leptin, responsible for suppressing appetite and providing a feeling of satiety.

Excellent Natural Product with first-class ingredients, to help you in the best way in Fat Reduction, the benefits of nature in a Capsule.

Helps you eliminate fat even if you are not on a strict diet

Lady-Grass Features

-Encapsulates fat along with other body waste, to disintegrate and eliminate them.

-Gradually decreases appetite, anxiety about eating, will provide more energy and thirst.

-In 8 consecutive days of use, you will notice changes in your body (your clothes don't lie)

-Attacks fat cells

-Healthy discharge / without rebound due to them.

-Activates the lazy intestine

-Eliminate toxins and you will notice a better appearance of your skin.

-It does not allow the formation of new fat while it is consumed since it prevents its absorption.

-Discard the fat

-Shape your body

-Improve your mood

-Regulates hormonal problems

-Accelerates metabolism and inhibits the conversion of excess sugars into fat.

-Tones the muscles, improving the absorption of glucose in the blood, prevents it from becoming fatty tissue and transforms it into energy.

-Reduce the cholesterol.

-Decreases triglycerides and increases good cholesterol.

-Cleanse and detoxify your body, preparing it for weight loss.

-Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with arthritis pain and other body pain.

-Helps have excellent Digestion.

-Improves the functioning of the intestinal and urinary tract.

-Excellent help in relieving hemorrhoids.

Ideal for an overweight of 5 to 12 kilos


Not Pregnant





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