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Kdrops Classic

Kdrops Classic

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Kdrops Clasicc powerful fat burner that acts on cell lipolysis, cutting the absorption of fat, allowing the body not to absorb excess fats or carbohydrates, kdrops classic acts from the first dose with a life of action in the body of 12 hours , you will be burning fat for 24 hours! It is the only natural fat burning product that achieves this feat, not to mention that it does not produce side effects or the hated rebound effect, it is re-formulated with more than 9 key natural ingredients for the elimination of fat almost magically, being in drops its absorption is 100%, compared to the old pills whose chemical additive allows only 40% of the product to be absorbed and the rest to be discarded.

Kdrops Classic Components

Red tea pu erh 300mg.
Artichoke 400mg.
Centella asiatica 350mg.
Mulberry leaf 100mg.
Jamaican flower 125mg.
Ginkgo biloba 5mg.
Cassia seed 50mg.
Job's tears seed 50mg.
Bitter orange 80mg.
How to take Kdrops Classic?

Place 6 drops of Kdrops in a liter of water in the morning and take it within 2 business hours before breakfast, then repeat the same function 6 drops in another liter of water in the afternoon and take it within 2 business hours before the last meal. Note: It is half a liter of water that you must drink per service, neither more nor less. You have a maximum period of 2 hours to drink the liter of water.

Presentation: Bottle with dropper that is from 25 to 30 days.

Contraindications: Women in pregnancy and/or lactation.

(It is recommended to take the complete treatment x 3 units)

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