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Demograss Plus

Demograss Plus

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Demograss Plus is the REINFORCED and Stronger formula than Demograss Rosa also with 30 Capsules of 500 mg Each.

What does Demograss PLUS contain and why is it reinforced?

Demograss Plus contains the same ingredients as Demograss Rosa, only that it is REINFORCED (Made Even Stronger) than Demograss Rosa because it also has the following Ingredients that make it stronger:

Red tea
White tea
Who is Demograss PLUS Recommended for? Demograss Plus is recommended for:

Organisms with VERY slow metabolisms and difficult to lose weight
People who have already taken Demograss Rosa capsules and "stuck" or who did not lose or saw as satisfactory results as they wanted.
When Should I Take Demograss Plus?

Generally Demograss Plus should be used after using Demograss Rosa and stop losing weight. You can also start Demograss Plus if you like but only if you already know you have a particularly slow metabolism.

Which one should I use, Demograss Plus, Demograss Orignal or Demograss PREMIER Edición Especial? The Demograss system is as easy as following 3 steps.

The First Step (If you have never used any Demograss product) is the Demogrss Original - Demograss Rosa.
After using Pink Demograss and when you start to "plateau" or maybe if you would like to lose weight a little faster, you can switch to Step Two - Reinforced Demograss - Demograss Plus.
How is Demograss Plus used? Take one daily capsule of Demograss Plus in the morning on an empty stomach. In people with low blood pressure or very nervous, take one capsule every fourth day supplemented with a vitamin. Demograss Plus capsules contains a bottle with 30 capsules that are enough for one month, please remember to consult your doctor before using this or any other food supplement.

Demograss Classic is the first and Original Demograss formula and we generally recommend that you use it first if you have never used any Demograss product before.
Demograss Plus is the Reinforced formula of Demograss with 4 stronger Ingredients than Demograss Classic and is generally recommended to be used after you stop losing weight with Demograss Classic or for Men or people with very slow metabolisms.
Demograss Premier is the newest and Extra Strength Demograss formula. This is recommended to be used to continue losing weight after using Demograss Classic or Plus or if you know your metabolism is too slow.

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