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ClaraLuna facial Cream

ClaraLuna facial Cream

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100% natural stain removing and revitalizing cream
It is used for: cloth, freckles, acne, pockmarks, sun spots, wrinkles, expression lines, open pore, and even help, warts, burns, scars, lightening and more.

How to use:

At night wash your face with neutral soap and dry it completely.
Take a little Claraluna cream with your fingertips and rub it into your hands (it is important that you do not apply it without rubbing it
first in your hands).
Distribute evenly on your face
avoiding the eye area.
In the morning wash your face with neutral soap.
Use sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the sun.
Effects: You may present a slight redness, sensation of burned skin, burning, itching. These are normal reactions to the cream. These symptoms can appear in the first two weeks but it is important not to suspend the treatment and use it correctly.

Claraluna Cream helps you in the elimination of dead cells, pigmentation and extraction of all the impurities that we have in the pores.

That is why the reaction according to the problem of each person in some makes them strong and in others it does not make them so strong or they do not react.

The reactions can be redness, a rash, more acne breakouts, etc.

Everything is normal is part of the process of the cream.

You have to be patient, perseverance and let the cream do its job, it's only two weeks before you can see new skin.

ClaraLuna is the only night cream that soothes your skin and regenerates tissue for HEALTHY skin free of blemishes.

ClaraLuna is to treat any type of problem on your skin; spots caused by the sun, cloth, attenuates expression lines, enlarged pores, dry or very oily skin, acne and its sequelae, freckles, wrinkles, warts, restores the natural tone, hydrates and regenerates the skin.

It works by cleaning the epidermis, removing dead cells and impurities, depigmenting the skin and unclogging pores.

It can be used by men or women.

Presentation of 50gr

✅ Claraluna Mazatlán must be kept in the ❄️REFRIGERATOR❄️otherwise it will take on a greyish color (this does not affect its function but the color is unpleasant)

NOTE: Claraluna Mazatlan is only used at night.

In the morning you wash again and apply your regular moisturizer and sunscreen.

It is recommended to take photos every week for follow-up. It is important to follow the instructions to have the desired results.

🟡 DAY Claraluna Cream Made from:

Its ingredients

Vitamin A
Glycolic Acid
It is a moisturizer reinforced with sunscreen that combats photoaging, softens and provides the moisture that your skin needs to protect itself from environmental damage.

Get optimal hydration.
Reduces the appearance of tired skin.
Ideal for dry to combination skin.
Contains the ideal sun protection FACTOR 50

How to use:

In the morning remove the Claraluna night cream, wash with neutral soap, dry the face.
Take a little Claraluna day cream (pink color), with sunscreen.

Apply it to the face in uniform circles, it can also be used in the eye and neck area.
Then do your normal makeup routine.
✅ Claraluna Mazatlán must be kept in the ❄️REFRIGERATOR❄️otherwise it will take on a greyish color (this does not affect its function but the color is unpleasant)


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