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Activated Carbon facial Soap

Activated Carbon facial Soap

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Activated Carbon Soap is Perfect in these Times. It not only helps you to the Beauty of your Skin by extracting Bacteria and Dirt from your Pores but also Protects you from VIRUSES and BACTERIA on your Skin of Hands and Face

What is Activated Carbon Soap: Activated Carbon Soap is a DETOX Soap - which, like any soap, helps to clean and eliminate Viruses and Bacteria from the surface of your skin. In addition to containing Activated Carbon it is particularly good at Extracting dirt and Bacteria from your pores which makes it perfect to help with Acne, and other skin problems.

How Detox Soap works: This soap bar is Moisturizing, Of course it helps to clean your skin from Viruses and Bacteria on the surface and not only that but by containing Activated Carbon it helps to absorb and extract dirt and bacteria deep from the pores. It is a simple but effective formula. The important thing is that it is Detox and Moisturizing to keep your skin barrier intact.

How to Use: You can use it like any soap. Remember that for hands you have to wash them for at least 20 seconds with water and make sure to cover the entire surface of the skin and nails. If you want it for the Face, we recommend using warm water to open the pores and leave the soap foam for at least 1 minute to absorb the bacteria from the pores. You can use it morning and night on the face and as many times as you want on the hands.

What the Activated Carbon Detox Soap contains: Apart from the necessary ingredients to eliminate Viruses and Bacteria from the surface of your skin, the Soap contains Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil. \n \nWith a delicious smell and leaving your skin clean and hydrated, the Activated Carbon Detox Soap is the perfect addition to your purchase in these times. With natural ingredients but also proven ingredients to help eliminate bacteria and viruses, Detox Soap helps keep your skin clean throughout the body.

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