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La Crema La Milagrosa

Tepezcohuite facial cream

Tepezcohuite facial cream

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El Indio Papago's tepezcohuite cream is formulated to provide your skin with maximum moisture while healing any irritation or burns. Helps reduce any inflammation or irritation caused by acne to reduce the frequency of breakouts. Repairing, moisturizing and nourishing cream for damaged skin with wrinkles or blemishes. Contains Tepezcohuite, collagen and vitamin E.

1. It can remove the deepest scars
2. Protects the skin from free radicals and is a good antioxidant
3. Controls the production of sebum and prevents fungi or bacteria from producing on the skin

How to use or use: Apply a little gently on face and neck during the night, after cleansing the face.

Main ingredients: Glycerin, Anhydrous Lanolin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Tepezcohuite and Vitamin E

What is the cream for? 'DEL INDIO PAPAGO' tepezcohuite cream is a cream made in Mexico.
It is a natural and effective alternative against premature skin aging that guarantees excellent results, both in dry and sensitive skin as well as in oily and acne problems. Nourish, restructure and hydrate the skin by stimulating the natural formation of collagen and elastin, substances that prevent cell destruction and the effect of aging.

In addition, it was supplemented with collagen to accelerate this process already started naturally against aging.

Its healing and regenerative effect is more visible on damaged and mistreated skin. Both the dark red and the white cream contain the same properties, the differences are the color of the cream, the color of the jar and the label.

Helps in the regeneration of the cream. Especially irritated and damaged skin (wounds, burns). Help to treat skin that has lost its normal hydration, its integrity or its ability to regenerate as a result of the passage of time, as it is exposed to sunlight and other factors that damage the skin.

Recommended for skins that suffer from problems such as sun spots, pimples, acne, light scars, among other sufferings. To use: Apply with fingertips and distribute over entire face and neck. Use at night.

The tepezcohuite is a tree recognized in Mexico under the title "Tree of the skin" because its bark has regenerative, analgesic and antimicrobial properties.

Its qualities have been tested in major tragedies in Mexico and by actress Salma Hayek, who assured that she owes her beauty to this plant. Salma Hayek's secret The Mexican actress recently stated that at 52 she has never used Botox, peels, or fillers. She only uses her creams and a natural ingredient, tepezcohuite, which helps keep her skin and hair younger despite her age.

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