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Nutrí Slim Coffee, perfect supplement to maintain weight.

Nutrí Slim Coffee, perfect supplement to maintain weight.

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Nutrí Slim Coffee It is perfect as a supplement or to maintain weight.

Aroma and flavor of high fiber roasted coffee. The most natural and healthy way to satisfy your appetite.

Nutri Slim Coffee is the perfect combination of natural ingredients that will help you lose weight in a healthy way, added with the original whole grain powder from Brazil.

With Nutri Slim Coffee you will experience a thermogenic effect thanks to its active ingredients, which will help you take advantage of fat and glucose reserves, transforming them into energy and stimulating the body to display greater physical activity.

Nutri Slim Coffee will also help you to fortify the intestinal flora by multiplying the colonies of beneficial bacteria. With Nutri SLim Coffee you will enjoy a delicious drink with a high content of dietary fiber, added with vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients. And the best, without the unpleasant sensation of other harsh-tasting fibers.

Instructions for Use: In a cup of hot water or light milk, add a 10g half breed. (included inside the container) of Nutri Slim Coffee, sweeten with low calorie sugar substitute to taste, mix for 5 seconds and enjoy it...

Recommendations for Use: Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with breakfast and snacks, eat in a healthy and balanced way.

Two cups of Nutri Slim Coffee provide you with 10 g. of dietary fiber, 200 mg. L-Carnitine, 100 mg. of Garcinia Cambogia, 100 mcg. chromium polynicotinate, 40 mg. zinc oxide, plus 50% of the Recommended Daily Intake for 14 vitamins and minerals.

Nutri Slim Coffee should not be used as the only food during the day eat at least two complete and balanced meals (Read the brochure that is included with complete menu suggestions) Net Content: 390 g

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